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New Fall Detector arrives this September 2015

Due to the excellent results obtained in the 2014-2015's European pilot where the fall detection system has been tested with 200 patients, Sense4Care Company has decided to exploit the commercial rights of FATE Project and put on the market a new product to cover the demand of this kind of devices.

The Sense4Care fall detector, called "Angel4" is a standalone device that works without the common telecare services charges, becoming the most innovative sensor that allows a direct communication with the user's caregiver or relatives through standard mobile phones.

This solution represents a significant money saving for those people who require a casual or a 24h' monitoring because of their risk of falling when they are alone at home or outdoors.

For more information please visit their website www.sense4care.com

FATE final project workshop - 15th of May 2015, Barcelona, Spain

We are pleased to inform you that FATE's Final Project Workshop will take place on 15th of May 2015 at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Jordi Girona St., 1-3 08034 Barcelona, Spain.

  • Attendance is free and open to everyone. Register online using the following link.
  • Workshop programme can be found at this link.

About the project

The ultimate goal of FATE - FAll DeTector for the Elderly project is to widely validate an innovative and efficient ICT-based solution focused on improving the elder's quality of life by an accurate detection of falls in ageing people, both at home and outdoors. This has been done by implementing an accurate, portable and usable fall detector that runs a complex and specific algorithm to accurately detect falls, and a robust and reliable telecommunications layer based in ZigBee and Bluetooth technologies, capable of sending alarms when the user is both inside and outside the home.

The system is complemented by secondary elements such as a bed presence sensor or the i- Walker, an intelligent robotic walker, with the entire system ensuring successful prevention and detection of falls in all circumstances.

The system has been tested and validated in 3 pilot studies involving real living scenarios, one in each of 3 different EU countries (Spain, Italy and Ireland), in close collaboration with the relevant public authorities (regional authorities in Spain, municipalities in Italy and National authorities in Ireland). For the sake of an efficient and significant validation, the pilot test selected more than 200 individuals with high risk of falling.

FATE is more than a complete and well integrated ICT solution, it is also a care model focused on strengthening Public and Private collaboration to reach a reliable service, paving the way across Europe for opening new market opportunities and benefits for all stakeholders in the health and care sectors, as well as sustainable models for the future elder generations.

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FATE accessible to all

The main objective of the research team of FATE is to help improve the quality of life and independence of older people. That is why after completion of pilot project and we got good results of the...

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