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The main objective of the research team of FATE is to help improve the quality of life and independence of older people. That is why after completion of pilot project and we got good results of the research, which are reflected in the final device, we are concerned that this solution should be accessible to all.

Thus, all the knowledge and technology developed have been transferred to the company Sense4Care, a spin-off created from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in order to bring to market the research products generated mainly in the monitoring of human movement.

Specifically, this company will be responsible to bring the marketable results to patients and users of FATE and REMPARK projects. At present, they have signed two agreements that allow technology transfer to exploit the results of:

1. Fall detection, from the FATE project.

2. Sensor for monitoring Parkinson's disease, result of REMPARK project.

To have more information about Sense4Care you can visit their website (http://www.sense4care.com) or contact via e-mail: info@sense4care.com


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